Shield1 advisory services

  • Advisory based on academic research and models to predict your success
  • Proven technological advantage include using the software company we own
  • Deep knowledge and record of success in the stock market since 1994. The knowledge from analyzing REITs and other RE companies in the stock markets turned to advantage in consulting to our real estate investors
  • Deep research capability of US housing markets
    Our technological advantage

  • In house software company
  • Record of more than 20 years of solutions for achieving extra gains
  • CapitalGain3 was developed for monitoring investments in "3 channels" methodology
  • Building models for predicting investments success
  • The company has years of record as providing consulting and other services also to companies listed in the "Top25" Israeli largest include institutionals like: Leumi Bank, Discount Bank and the Israeli Government
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14 Rambam St. Givat Shmuel 5401045 Israel
e - mail : inf o @h edge funds.biz (please remove the spaces, they just there to prevent spam robots)
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